The beginning of the volunteering

This is the nice morning which I can get some relief: watch late night show, drink coffee, write notes. Three recent days were full of emotions, events and organisational tasks concerning only to the student festival. I take part there as a volunteer and exactly as a personal coordinator for the head of theatre jury.

The first day – Sunday I had to meet him at the airport. I was unbelievably nervous about everything. The road to the airport I talked to the driver though it was silly. My mind was clogged with different thoughts to begin with the order of action to finish with the whole life strategy.

I went out the car and hasten to the entrance. Being inside the clean civil kinda European building I put the hand inside the pocket but that was empty. My phone was stolen, dropped, left at the car, anything but it wasn’t there. It was hard to keep spine straight and not to fall down. I took coffee and roll while there was time. In front of the arrival door I was standing about an hour and a half with the sign in hands and heavy bag of souvenirs and with the great fear. There were so many bad options. Driver couldn’t stay at the parking zone more than fifteen minutes, so he wasn’t there to than. At the time of landing the voice of the manager called my name. What’s going on? I hoped for some information but there wasn’t any. Then when I had been exhausted the driver came to me. He gave me the phone and the boy from organisation shouted at me like I had lost the quest. They managed to call the quest’s name loud. We were standing by the information’s stand when the quest quietly came to us.

I scared to meet someone snobbish and angry but he was outgoing and friendly. His delay had a reason of custom service. We went to the car. The way back to town I did my best to keep conversation but I hadn’t enough information about the program and the arrival of other groups to say to him correctly. So I spoke something silly and common.At the hotel we managed well though there was no possibility to feed him.

That was night but not the end of the day. At the hostel I went to everyone I thought I could rely on to ask for help. Help was about meeting the man who found my phone at the underground next day and\or if possible give me a phone for a day. But I heard only refusals (what a surprise!). Only Mary came to my room where we talked about our stressful situations and she agreed to meet the man. But at the next day everything changed completely and I run through the squash to get it but that was the huge mistake. I spend the whole next day with Mary’s phone which I promised to bring back before the lunch.


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