I consciously overslept the Life Security lesson and was writing at the notebook with the cup of coffee as it always had been at home. Yesterday webinar and article on Conde Nast made me feel so inspired and grateful. In one moment everything seemed possible and free to do. Everything seemed clear and naturally. I don’t have to live life I don’t like and mix with people whose mindset I don’t accept. I don’t have to endure things within which I don’t see any meaning for my life.

I went to the study with delay. The whole way and drawing process I was mulling over some ideas of mine and did notes from time to time. How incredible and strange it is to sit down, write down your creative ideas and see how boring talks around are. But this is the unpleasantness too. I did talk to Daisy about Anna Wintour and magazine industry but she couldn’t even focus on the conversation. So all talks happened. People around were chatting about disgust things which I had heard at the third college year too much and don’t want more now. As the lesson ended I’d run away to the street where the clarity was the same.


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