There are many things I could describe and contemplate on, but the major question for this moment is “What is the relevant thing to do right now?”. Being so excited by UN history, behind the scene videos, ideas coming to (or found at) my mind, new aquantences and another new meets at the canteen, I try not to lose the guide line. Not to diverse to everything I like so much and stay at the way of passing exams. Though I’ve decided to keep up with my own interests, read and watch things I really like. The reason is “I restraint myself all the time in term to be good at something” I’m not good at anything and often I feel exhausted by routine mode and many compromises. I do not like compromises, I like dreams coming true. That’s what I like and will prefer above normality and looking as a typical artist. I’m not, so it’s time to be myself. 743706907e2f89ad92dd8dc30101574b


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