This New Year Eve went as boring as all of them were and I felt sadly and tired as usually at the milestone. I didn’t wanted to cook and clean the flat but it had to be done anyway. All I could think about was the dissatisfaction with the whole year and the way it led me at the very end. The hopes I had the last year dashed but in some weird and unexpected way. Climbing up the mountain you honestly expect to see the mountain with all it’s splendour and grandue. This is why seeing just the hill doesn’t satisfy. That’s all my year: climbing up the mountain and getting at the hill.

However, there were few beautiful events like meeting at the Moscow Book House or living at the Arbat district and running every morning at the Patriarch’s pond. I did certainly enjoyed my English study at the Ankor and learning the art history for the interview. As challenging that was but as cool to find out some knowledge inside the scale. Reading the textbook at the bench by the stadium and drinking coffee at the McCafe after the second tour of the exam. In spite of the smallness of the filming the music video it was really educating and fun. The festival was fun too. Many foreigners and performances with me as a coordinator who doesn’t know all for sure.

There were some interesting people but basically not close and not friends in terms of friendship concept. I didn’t connect as much as it should be for potential relationships. Personal life was like the years before the field of no battle, no win, no fair. I hope for improvements.

The main thing I want in this year is the solution of my study condition and personal life.


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