The sultry air of the room and the complete darkness made me feel odd when I woke up at seven. Then the typical getting up at nine. The breakfast with a greipfruit, coffee and sweets. I do really love drink hot coffee and study vocubulary on Anki at the morning, it certainly make me feel clear.

The one point I got for the last days is that I should not cut the insiring ideas out of my mind just because of its impossibity. London inspire me for action though I am aware of impracticabily of living there. Does it matter if it make me straighter, more clever and vivid? I permit myself to say no.

Sure, there are many works to do over the simple desires to study English and other things. The bad weather is so suitable for staying at home with paper and brushes. The next week is going to be stressful as well as the other. So I should put myself together and just make it all good.



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