The regular late getting up with the pictures of mom’s plates at the kitchen sink and the used cezde. So, let’s skip a breakfast for a fatty lady who survived New Year vacation and got up so late. But I did cut the sausage, treated the cat and ate that with black bread’s leaf. Please, time don’t go farther, let’s stop at the placid moment of the morning. There was even a good cardio training before some men begun to ring the doorbell. They could be and actually were the sanitary technicians. I didn’t intent to open the door and profoundly discuss this decision with grandma. By the way, there weren’t even the cellar’s keys – technicians left it at the post box – though I said to go up and return it in hands. When I’d moved to the room grandma talked with the neighbour – she had some problems with new batteries.

I did try to paint the last picture for mastery and even found the picture with the same state of nature (to steal it). Very fast it became hard to do that only, too boring, too monotonious. And after the dinner (stew and some more coffee)I turned on the rest of the scandalous interview with Yarovaya. The absolute achievement was the constant working while I was listening to their such a provocative debate. Can I hope for some adequacy at the government if she is a influential part of this, if she despite narrow-mindedness manage to climb so high? It was clearly that she didn’t respect neither audience nor Pozner. There were no logic, clear answer or even attempt to hide her desire to sting the host for being a citizen of more than one only country. After that my relief was to listen some jokes and intelligent sense of humour.

Such moments this is absolutely clear for me that I’m naturally interested in human sciences, in society, history, philosophy and politics. For what reason I do painting is the question without a proper answer. I made the delectable dinner with vegetables and meat. Meat is better than any cake. Always. Than I did some detail-oriented plan for installing the pictures (an influence of C.Hadfield’s book) and bought the train tickets home for me and mom. Please no more working. Let’s talks, read, study languages and make notes.

I faked the activity while mom did her planning and watched  “Around the World in 80 Days”. There are just a few days before moving to Moscow. I’m not to perform best but pass it and nonetheless, let it be easy. Please.


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