Yes, it’s the last day of our little holiday. The time out of the institute ends up. Pity. I have already begun feeling freedom and opportunities of spare time. To say nothing about the philosophy course I found on Coursera, as the only history takes a lot. But frankly, I do want a lot just because it’s interesting. It’s interesting and I go with the flow of my passions. Otherwise, the decay can be inevitable.

Two times during this holiday I went to the swimming pool, and both times were fascinating. The first we were learned to work with foot and hands. We figured out that I have the great buoyancy. The second time we were to swim at the central track which is frightening. You know, no bottom underneath. But my fear made me only to swim faster and focus even more. Not to drown. Some moment I got it’s not probable that I would drown though the first ten minutes I felt exhausted. We all managed to swim to and fro the whole track a few times which seemed me hardly possible at the beginning. But I managed with the idea that sport forces you to withstand the hardship. And it’s normal.

That was miraculous to go to the swimming pool and read the modern poetry like nothing could distract me. Afterward, go to the shop and buy something tasty to reward me. Harmony.

But two times I did a silly thing to remember Czech times, exactly, I bought a beer. The first was wishy-washy, the second made me dizzy for the rest of the day. And such result forced me to make a resolution not to repeat.

Today I want to go out though there is a bunch of work (which I have no intention to do and I can foresee some trouble with the session with art subjects). But as Economics’ crash course says doing something you don’t do something else.


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