The days I spend on wandering to and fro are too excessive and influential to let them just happen. I can perceive (not just understand) the stream of time going in one direction. That’s why it makes me totally angry, upset and perplexed. That’s why sitting down to make mastery’s tasks I drink a few more cups of coffee, refresh the playbill and wash some dirty clothes. I’m bad at day-to-day motivation and hard-working on something alienated. But I still have to pass the exams and do everything as good as possible.

By the way, I browsed universities sites and watched YouTube video. That is how time may be wasted. I must come back to the idea that only losers kill their time at social media, watching series and Instagram feed. The people I usually adore don’t use their resources in such a way. It’s simple, isn’t it? The problem is the dream. It did push me forward for a long time but now I’m kinda between the places. The general activity of the study doesn’t work on the dream and after that, I usually need some distraction to come back to myself. And time goes further and further this way. I start to feel lost and dissatisfied by myself.

Yesterday Vlad turned to me in the conversation about socialism and capitalism allegedly I could know that all perfectly well. That was a hesitation and shyness. Recently I enjoy his talks, jokes and being in the room basically. Is it a sign of some feelings? I’m not sure. I can control myself quite well and consciously. But the same time I’m opened for something new.


3 thoughts on “—”

  1. Having finished another episode of my favourite Star Trek, I’m a little angry at your words about series. What’s wrong with them? Sometimes they do give ideas and provoke thoughts which can become a beginning of something. Sure thing, it depends on a particular series: some might be quite empty.

    1. There is nothing wrong with series, I’m personally a great fan of House of cards. But series for me as a global idea includes all empty videos we watch just to relax. And it takes a lot of time. It’s easier to cut them all than to pick some masterpieces in the field of rubbish. Risks are high.

      1. Well, from this point I agree (I’m lucky, though, heh, to have people who pick those masterpieces or at least good ones and tell me about them).

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