There are too many thoughts in my mind, they grow, they blow, and they take all the rooms in my head. Though there aren’t many thoughts, they are just squealing.

The weather is grey-coloured. I’m worried if I need to take an umbrella to the passport office. I don’t want to have curly wet hair on the photo.

Currently, I have the philosophy to learn, but for some reason, I don’t do it. Why? Laziness, the intention to avoid the pain of knowledge? I don’t know why but I have to put myself together. By the way, I want to learn phrasal verbs. As usual, when studies are finished, I get a second wind. No surprise. I even think about IELTS again. I should be more organised and disciplined. Probably, I need to study outside the flat, for example at the library. At home, I feel rather relaxed than gathered. Everything tries to distract me. As it seems to me. Frankly, it is just not so easy to focus, my mind is always looking for ideas.

However, this text is messed it doesn’t matter because the main purpose is to gather my mind.

Maybe I will watch today’s match between Kasatkina and Stevens. Tomorrow it will be Sharapova, finally.